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Most businesses convert only a fraction of their valuable ideas into working information systems.

We team up with in-house problem-solvers to create excellent solutions so their businesses consistently gain competitive advantage.
“Kiza Solutions made sense of the complex relationships in our organizational systems and produced a system of beauty.”
Dr. Kate McAlpine
Strategy Director
Caucus for Children’s Rights, Tanzania

“Kiza is in the top three reasons for our success.”

Chief Operating Officer


“Pulling together a large order used to take us 90 minutes and now it only takes 5.

Pete Ballinger
Chief Executive Officer
Eniti Limited, UK

Ki ' • za : wellness

We are on a mission to deliver information wellness – data that is clean, centralized, accessible, meaningful, and secure – because we believe that organizations the world over deserve excellent systems.

We’ve seen too many great teams hindered by the tools that should be serving them. We’ve seen spreadsheets stretched beyond their breaking point. We’ve seen over-engineered, over-priced enterprise solutions collecting dust.

Yet we’ve also seen how implementing smart data solutions can translate into immediate and lasting results. And we love exploring, creating, and serving.

We believe that we each have a role to play in bringing wellness to the world, and we offer our clients the unique opportunity to participate in Rwanda’s inspiring story.

We provide comprehensive professional training and career opportunities to talented technology developers in Rwanda. We proudly provide fair wages and holistic benefits to our staff that will impact their families and communities for generations.


Our Model

We are a social-impact technology consulting firm with industry-leading systems architects based in the U.S. and talented software developers in Kigali, Rwanda.

Our Value

We create value for our clients by mitigating risk, realizing efficiencies and driving growth.

Our Process

We follow a proven design and assembly process that inspires trust from initial exploratory conversations through complete user adoption, delivering top-notch results.

Our Approach

We produce beautiful, custom desktop and mobile applications leveraging the dynamic FileMaker platform. Owned and supported by Apple, FileMaker is a best-in-class tool to quickly deploy user-friendly, cost-effective, robust database solutions.

Our Clients

We serve organizations of varying sizes across a broad range of industries. We have worked with multi-national businesses engaged in printing, agriculture, exports, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation as well as schools, hospitals, NGOs and non-profits..

Our Story

Our founder, Bill Bennett, and his young family moved to Rwanda in 2013 with the broad and ambitious goal of engaging with the developing world for good. Bill leveraged his experience as a software engineer and business analyst to help Rwanda Trading Company work more effectively and extend its positive impact with local coffee farmers. Inspired by the success of this initial project, Bill began hiring and training local developers in order to take on additional projects. Kiza Solutions was born.

Our Clients

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