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Having relocated from Chicago to Kigali, Rwanda, I am now just a short flight from much of East Africa. Whether your headquarters in bustling Nairobi needs a new CRM, or your field offices across rural Tanzania would like to stay in sync using a fleet of iPads, I am here to help.


I continue to relish my long-standing relationship with Soliant Consulting, where I have worked side-by-side with the world’s foremost FileMaker® Pro experts for the past thirteen years, and where I recently served as a Director. I strive to “do all things heartily, as unto the Lord,” and was honored to have a few of my user interface innovations featured in the 2012 FileMaker® Developer Conference keynote address.


Comfortable in every role (project management, architecture, development, systems integration, web publishing, etc.), I will work directly with you through every phase of your project. I am able to provide your project the seamless attention it needs, whether we partner together for a few modifications, or whether I help lead a major deployment.

Getting Started

Give me a call or drop me a reply today and I’ll let you know how my schedule looks!

Bill Bennett
Managing Director
Kigali, Rwanda